Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is about services that allow you to bid for keywords and keyword phrases on search engines that allow your potential customers to find your brand, product or service.

Local, Long-Tail Approach SEM

We use long-tail methods, instead of using and focusing on broad keywords that are for your industry. We scope out the gaps in your industry’s market and put together keywords that are high targeted keywords that are not as expensive the board terms.

We launch your search campaign focusing on keywords that are more specific and cost friendly, instead of keywords that are most popular in your area.

An example would be a bug removal company would be found using a specific search term such as ‘bug control’ instead of a basic search like ‘bug removal companies’. It’s better to target focused terms that provide traffic and keep the cost friendly and target specific keyword searches that have less competition.

Full Service Paid Search Engine Marketing

We help you with Content, Keyword Generation, Bidding, Landing Pages and Testing, Optimization & Reporting. We provide a full-service web marketing solution when working with your company.

It’s our goal to improve your click through rates (CTR) and conversions with a locally targeted long-tail paid search engine marketing campaign.

Contact Us and let’s get started on creating your company’s paid search engine marketing campaign together.