2017 is the year of mobile app development more than any other year. With a rise in devices sold every year and more marketplaces opening up as developing countries start to embrace mobile technologies. It has no longer become a fad or accessory to have a mobile app but a business necessity!

A recent survey showed that 62% of the businesses (who took part in the survey) already have apps or are in the process of building one. Of these businesses 20% use their apps purely for branding, 30% have revenue generating apps and 50% use them for support and engagement. This clearly shows that businesses without an app have been left behind in this modern world.

We can help your business solve this problem with our Mobile Application Development Team. Our team will guide you through the process of research, planning, design, development, testing, and launch. To provide your business with exactly what your company requires from its app. Not all apps need to be public facing. Many modern companies are enabling their workforce with custom apps to aid them in selling, marketing and day to day jobs.

A great example of this would be for the medical industry. Drug reps have to visit doctors in their busy surgeries and tell them about new drugs and treatments that are available. In these busy situations having brochures and other complicated systems can make it harder for the rep. A simple app with slides, videos, and basic sales aids to help the rep do his or her job and convey their message would be an amazing internal app.

Mobile App Development helps ROI

Mobile App Development can help every type of business from big blue chips to the local corner shop. Let us give you some examples.

  • Latest offers and deals to keep customers engaged
  • Online shopping – 80% of internet users are browsing the net via there mobile devices.
  • Business information and news – Keep your customers informed about your business
  • Entertainment – games are always an amazing branding tool for engagement and brand awareness just look at RedBull
  • Lead Generation – Increasing visibility of your brand
  • Branding & Promotion – Keeping your brand in the forefront of your customers minds
  • Improvement of customers life – providing a tool or service
  • Support & Engagement – helping your customers will insure loyalty
  • Community – two way communication is the modern marketers best friend and building a community around your company and brand is key