Target people based on real-time locations

Geofencing is an awesome technology that allows you to market your business like you never have before. Attract people based on their current, real-time location and acquire more customers.

We utilize the GPS sensor within the person’s mobile device to obtain their current, real-time location.  We set up a fence based on a proximity of your business selected area to send real-time push notifications to the person’s mobile device when they are in the proximity.

Saving the mobile device id for “re-marketing” is another important factor. We can send out push notifications to users about your business, product or sale at a later time. This allows the person to have more time to make a decision.

Knowing which customers enter your store is curricula to marketing. We achieve Foot Traffic Attribution (FTA) by saving the mobile device id.

Using Bluedot Innovation

We use Bluedot Innovation to maximize on device performance and decrease battery drainage issues that come into the picture with GPS Sensors.

Serving small to mid-size business

Geofencing comes in hand with being a small to mid-size business. Attracting customers that are local to your area in real-time could be a sale.

A business that would see the value of Geofencing is:

  • Hospitality (Hotels, Resorts)
  • Retail Storefronts
  • Restaurants
  • Car Dealerships
  • Automotive Repair and Parts
  • Healthcare
  • Highway Toll Booths