Digital Presentations Make a Statement

Think of a digital presentation as a first choice marketing tool. Think of the importance how people view your business online.

We know that you have probably used a PowerPoint presentation at some point. You are thinking the same thing most people think. I’ll fire up PowerPoint and save a few of my hard earned dollars. It’s a big mistake, don’t do it.

Why you need a Digital Presentation

You need a digital presentation for the same reason a gold miner needs dynamite. They make an impact that goes much further than reading an old boring pamphlet and did we mention they also are eco-friendly.

Let’s face it, people are attracted to things that are animated and make them say “wow, that’s cool”.  I am going to give an awesome example of how a digital presentation could help out a real estate broker.

Meet Dave your local real estate agent

Dave has a client meeting in about one hour and he just gave away his last copy of his printed presentation to a client in his office. With no time to spare to have prints made, he loads up the digital presentation onto his tablet that he hired Invoate to craft for him.

Arriving at his meeting Dave is able to swipe through his presentation providing useful information about him and his real estate agency and interactively show homes within the customer’s area.

Dave has now gained a customer all due to the fact that he had an interactive way of providing personalized experience to his lead.

Not to replace print

Digital Presentations are not to replace printed marketing material. They are intended to add digital value to your business. Think of your presentation as a business card that tells a story. It’s hard to write a story onto a 3.5″ x 2″ business card.