We Are a Top Ranking Digital Marketing Agency

About Us

Invoate, LLC is labeled a Top Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency for businesses, non-profit and government organizations that want to disrupt the market with their online presence. Our dedicated in-house team creates websites and applications that resolve problems in industries and create a buzz feed.

We Are a $1,000,000 Insured Company

We protect our clients when working with us and you can rest assured that we have your back. When you become a client of Invoate LLC, You become covered for Data Compromise and Identity Protection. All of our equipment is covered and we provide a drug-free workplace.

Our Clients Keep Us Going

We believe in providing our clients with completed projects that provide them with the cutting edge in their market. Many years of working with different industries ranging from Hospitality, Travel, Real Estate, Entertainment and more, We have found that providing a personalized experience works best.

Investing in a website or a digital marketing campaign is an important decision for our clients and with the right strategy, time and investment the outcome will be a night and day comparison. With over 90,000 hours of website development time logged to-date, We have the team and skill requirements to make any client satisfied. See our Portfolio to view the past completed projects we have worked on.

Our Leaders

Amy Bridges, Principal

abridges@invoate.agency | 404.941.4669

Amy Bridges is Principal of The Invoate Agency, LLC. Amy started Invoate, LLC back in 2016 and over the course of 2 years Amy has successfully grown the agency into a Top Ranking Digital Marketing Agency in Georgia.

Amy’s journey started into the tech industry with a commodore 64 and father who believed in her. Amy started her career as a computer repair technician then gradually grew into graphic design and as as technology advanced over the years she started programming.

The fuel to light the fire for her passion was in ignited. She is a full stack web developer with over 8 years of experience in the web industry.

Amy loves dog’s and spends her time going to events when she is not coding away at work.

Robert Wood, Chief Executive Officer

rwood@invoate.agency | 404.502.6411

Robert Wood is chief executive officer of The Invoate Agency, LLC. Robert joined Invoate Agency in October 2017, bringing more than 23 years of project management, product management, consumer marketing, business services, technology and executive management experience to this role.

Previously, Robert served as the chief operating officer of Nichelabs, LLC since March 2015. Prior to that, he was affiliated with GE Capital Corporation, MCI and MCI WorldCom.

Robert has been a member of the Board of Directors of The Portal, The Portal Boutique, which all serve to help with homelessness as well as a VP Board Member of the Hummingbird Scholarship Pageants, since 2015. When Robert is not working, you can find him playing with his 3 rescue dogs, Ellie, Sadie and Maize. Robert is a member of St Mark’s Episcopal Church.

Our Mission Statement

Invoate LLC mission is to help business bring their projects from ideas to development and production. We are not a typical Digital Marketing Agency, We provide bespoke solutions to your business. We aim to disrupt the development industry with our work ethic, quality of work and complete honesty with our clients.

Our full-time, in-house team members of developers, designers, marketers, project managers have a strong work ethic, passion, and pride that fuels the projects that we create. We believe strongly in top class services that make clients feel empowered and fully in control at all times. We work with our clients to create the best possible websites and applications available in their industries market!

Why Partner With The Invoate Agency?

  • Over 90,000 hours of design and development time logged to-date

  • Competitive cutting edge rates and Agile methodology practices  

  • Drug free workplace, $1,000,000 insurance policy that meets the minimum government requirements

  • Dedicated point of contact for your project(s)

  • Speak directly to our developers and designers